Actionable Innovation
For Health Systems and Startups
Health Systems and Startups
could not be more different.
Health Systems have the size, market penetration and resources to allow them to scale innovative products into the market. But their risk aversion and organizational structure limits their ability to develop and successfully launch innovative solutions.
Startups have a relentless focus on solving large problems by embracing new approaches and nonconventional thinking. They are willing to embrace failure and learn from failure as part of the necessary path to the future, but they lack the market knowledge and resources to quickly and efficiently introduce the best solution for the market.
That is all in the past.
At prinnovo, we have solved this problem!
Our 3-Step Approach allows Health Systems to find, structure and monetize Innovation Partnerships with the best startups addressing the key innovation needs in their business. We make the combination of Clinical Transformation and Financial Return the norm, not the exception!
Health Systems will start with a Design Thinking process to identifying their areas of greatest innovation need. Our Evaluation and Selection process allows the Health Systems to quickly and easily evaluate large numbers of potential partners to select those promising few with the greatest chance for success. Our Partnership Structuring process makes sure that a successful partnership is beneficial to both parties, while our Partnership Monetization process ensures that the co-development process stays on track and delivers the results desired.

Startups are given the opportunity to showcase their solutions to the right Health System decision makers. We speed up the entire decision-making process to reduce wasted time and energy pursuing the wrong corporate partner.
We build successful innovation partnerships between Health Systems and Startups that deliver both Clinical Transformation and Financial Return.
Our team of successful founders, account executives and analysts understand how to form win-win partnerships and manage those relationships to produce tangible results for both parties. We provide Health Systems the technology, processes and services to become the Startup Partner of Choice in their market.
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Health Systems, are you tired of participating in Innovation Theater? Are you interested in accelerating your rate of innovation and stimulating both Clinical Transformation and Financial Return by partnering with the best startups addressing the most significant needs in your markets? If so, please contact us, below, to begin a process that will transform your organization, improve the lives of the patients you serve and stimulate the financial returns you generate in your market.
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