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Why prinnovo for the Healthcare industry?
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Why prinnovo for the Grocery and Retail Industry?

Converting External Innovation into Revenue Growth

As an executive charged with driving revenue growth at your company, you are faced with many challenges: enhancing your current products, filling solution gaps and developing future solutions that will appeal to your customers in changing or new markets.  You need to address both short term market opportunities and longer term innovation needs. And you need to do this without over-taxing your already-busy product management teams.  

At prinnovo, we understand how difficult it is to accomplish all this by relying solely on internal innovation efforts.  Forward-thinking executives know that they need to access external innovation, but also understand that finding the right entrepreneurial partners is extremely difficult and time-consuming.  Team members typically lack the experience to recruit and evaluate the best potential partners. And the need to find and quickly introduce innovative solutions continues to increase every year.    

This is why we created prinnovo.  Industry Leaders need the innovative solutions being developed by entrepreneurial companies working in their markets.   They need a repeatable external innovation service.  Prinnovo allows Industry Leaders to quickly find market-ready innovations that address pressing market needs and craft win-win relationships that convert external innovation into revenue growth.  

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You Need A Better Way To Find New Growth Opportunities

Recognizing the need for future growth, where do you look to find it? Forward-thinking executives understand the need to source new growth opportunities externally so they can avoid the excessive cost and time delays in developing all solutions internally.  But many who have tried to work with entrepreneurs know there are many, many challenges in that approach.  Specifically,   

  • Finding all the companies that are innovating in your industry around the world. 
  • Connecting with these companies without being inundated with requests for information or assistance.
  • Separating the truly innovative companies from those who talk a good game.
  • Structuring meaningful win / win relationships while validating their solution.  
  • Working together to achieve milestones and to accelerate the introduction of new innovations to your customers.  

The Challenge

How can industry leading companies efficiently and cost effectively access relevant external innovation and rapidly convert it into future revenue growth?

The Answer
The prinnovo External Innovation Service™

The Prinnovo External Innovation Service allows industry-leading companies to efficiently and cost effectively find and partner with entrepreneurial companies with innovative solutions to the market needs they have identified.  We provide a repeatable, scalable service that finds and recruits the best companies working on relevant  innovative solutions, then scores, filters and selects those companies that are the best external partners for you.   

It is a fast, convenient and targeted approach that will produce an ongoing supply of new product introductions to drive revenue growth in all business units.    

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prinnovo External Innovation Service

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The Prinnovo Difference

Only the Prinnovo solution… 
  • Builds a Private Innovation Network™ of companies addressing your innovation and growth needs in markets of interest to you.  
  • Creates actionable market intelligence on innovation activity in those markets.  
  • Identifies relevant companies with actionable solutions that can rapidly address solution gaps in the markets you serve.
  • Expands access to new talent, solutions and competencies being developed in the entrepreneurial market  
  • Enhances your ability to successfully engage with entrepreneurial companies by leveraging prinnovo's unique human and intellectual resources.
  • Builds a "nurturing network" of entrepreneurial innovators working on your innovation needs   
  • Is a scalable, repeatable solution that can address the innovation needs of all your business units

Engaging the Prinnovo External Innovation Service

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