We Establish Your
Health Venture Office

Without Making Direct Investment into Startups

Why Have a Health Venture Office?

… To Become a More Innovative Health System

Create win / win Partnerships with the nation’s best startups to drive your Innovation.

Overcome the operational hurdles suppressing your Innovation efforts.

Support your clinical and operational leaders to become more innovative.

Enhance your recruitment and retention of top talent. 

Capture your share of the economic upside developed by startups using your resources.

Develop new clinical services and returns within your adjacent markets. 

Improve your patient and staff experience while achieving better outcomes. 

Differentiate your brand promise and mission from your competitors. 

… By Addressing All Phases of a Venture Relationship


We help you identify your most pressing innovation needs and invite entrepreneurial companies from across the US who address that need to participate in a unique partner review process that identifies the most promising innovation partners.


We negotiate directly with the startup to capture a portion of the partner’s growth in enterprise value as their solution is validated and licensed within your health system. All parties are aligned to work together to achieve the desired clinical and financial returns.


We accelerate the adoption of the partner’s solution within your health system and help them introduce the solution to other health systems, leveraging the success achieved in your system to increase the value of your innovation partner portfolio.

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We establish, staff, and manage health venture offices for mid-sized health systems.

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