Venture Manager

POSITION: Venture Manager

Candidate will work closely with Innovation and Clinical teams to locate potential Innovation Partners to address innovation needs, negotiate win-win Innovation Partnerships with the selected companies, then accelerate the commercialization of the new innovative solutions that address those needs. This person will also work closely with senior management and the leadership of the Innovation Partners to develop and implement a plan to maximize the growth and upside potential for the Innovation Partner.
The ideal candidate will be a high-energy self-starter, who is passionate about new technologies and solutions that can transform healthcare as we know it. Candidates will need an analytical min

Specific duties will include:

  • Utilizing the Prinnovo process™ to identify, filter and select the most promising potential innovation partners
  • Working with Prinnovo senior management to structure win-win deals with the selected Companies
  • Creating and managing realistic development plans for the co-development of innovative Solutions
  • Meeting with senior leaders throughout the health system to identify and nurture potential referral sources
  • Developing marketing plans for the co-developed innovative solutions
  • Attending relevant industry conferences and other networking events
  • Calling on senior management and innovation leaders at other health systems to increase interest in and awareness of the solutions being co-developed
  • Identifying and resolving issues that arise from either party engaged in the Innovation  Partnership
  • Educating health system employees on the potential value to be derived from Innovation Partnerships and serving as an internal entrepreneurial resource to evaluate potential        innovation opportunities
  • Facilitating dispute resolution discussions
  • Coaching both health system employees and key Innovation Partner employees on  strategies to increase the effectiveness of the relationship and accelerate development of innovative solutions.
  • Assisting in the hiring, training and development of junior CHV personnel

Desired Experience/Qualifications/Skills

4+ years of leadership position in a startup, consulting, project management, startup financing or related area
B.S or B.A degree
Experience with financial modeling
Good listening skills and ability to identify and resolve issues
Strong attention to detail

We establish, staff, and manage health venture offices for mid-sized health systems.

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