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Two years ago, Prinnovo introduced the Health Venture Office™ as an entirely new way for regional health systems to interact with startups and drive innovation within their operations. This model has now been fully implemented and validated within Cone Health in Greensboro, NC and we are eager to establish Health Venture Offices in other regional health systems across the United States.

To make this happen, Prinnovo is looking for a special group of Venture Residents who can introduce Prinnovo to health systems through existing relationships they have with key players in those systems. This part-time position will provide Prinnovo the opportunity to work with the Venture Resident in an introductory fashion and could lead to full-time employment as Venture Director or Venture Manager if the sales efforts with the health system are successful. Venture Residents will earn an hourly base pay with the potential for cash bonuses upon successfully setting up meetings and assisting in closing the sale.

Do you have connections in a small to mid-sized regional health system? Do you have an entrepreneurial background with knowledge and skills that can help startups develop their businesses, validate their solutions and create significant financial upside? If so, the Prinnovo Venture Residency Program is right for you. Upload your resume by clicking the button, below, and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours to talk further.

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We establish, staff, and manage health venture offices for mid-sized health systems.

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