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Industry leading companies are constantly seeking new ways to generate growth within their business. Startup companies around the world are investing time, effort and capital to create momentum for their new innovations. Where can these startups and industry leading companies connect with each other to convert startup momentum and innovation into growth?

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We are building Private Innovation Networks™

Prinnovo™ utilizes a cloud-based proprietary technology platform to connect industry leading companies and global startups and convert startup momentum and innovation into growth.  Our Private Innovation Networks™ enable large companies to share their innovation and growth needs with the global startup community in order to develop win-win business relationships together.  

Startups connect to industry leaders

Startups will have unique access to industry leaders that want to work with them to accelerate their development and take their innovations to market. prinnovo has identified the appropriate industry leader executives who understand the importance of partnering with startups. You will have the chance to validate your solution while leveraging the resources and assets of an industry leading company to accelerate commercialization of your market-changing innovation.  

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Private Innovation Networks™ for Industry Leading Companies

Prinnovo helps industry leading companies define their innovation and growth needs and build and continually refresh a Private Innovation Network of global startups focused on areas of interest to them. Through our managed services, we allow you to survey, filter and select the best startups within your network for each of your innovation and growth needs.  This includes seeing video introductions of startups answering key questions posed by the prinnovo team.  We also provide advisory services that allow large companies to structure win/win relationships with the selected startups, while also monitoring the performance of these relationships.  The ultimate goal is to  convert startup innovation and momentum into growth.  

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Prinnovo is the path to your future growth and innovation

We are creating a world where industry leaders and startups can more easily come together to drive growth and accelerate new innovations into the market.

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