growing together.
Industry Leaders and Startups
industry leaders and startups
could not be more different.
Industry Leaders have size, distribution and enormous resources to scale successful products in the market. They are risk adverse, avoid failure and develop organizational structure to help grow their business as efficiently as possible.
Startups are small and lack distribution but they have a relentless focus on solving large problems that create new scalable businesses and brands in the market. They are risk takers, avoid structure and embrace failure as a learning experience on their journey to developing the best solution in the market.
That is all in the past.
At prinnovo, we have solved this problem!
Our invitation-only Private Innovation Networks™ (PINs) help Industry Leaders find and develop partnerships with startups addressing key innovation needs in their business.
We have developed an end-to-end, fast and scalable process that starts with a defined innovation need from an Industry Leading company and results in a mutually-beneficial startup partnership.
Industry Leaders can quickly evaluate large numbers of startups for strategic fit with their innovation needs while greatly reducing risk and increasing return through the partnership process.
Startups can quickly showcase their solution to the right decision-makers at the Industry Leader that is seeking the innovation partnership.
We streamline the entire decision-making process to reduce wasted time and effort and increase the value for both the Startup and the Industry Leader coming together.
We build successful innovation partnerships between Industry Leaders and Startups.
Our team of successful founders, account executives and analysts understand how to form win-win partnerships between startups and industry leaders. We provide our Industry Leader customers the technology, process and services to become the Startup Partner of Choice in their markets.
Contact us to get started.
Startups, are you working on innovative solutions addressing significant needs in changing markets? Perhaps you are addressing:
If so, tell us about your business and the problem you are addressing and we will see if you qualify for an invitation to one of our current Private Innovation Networks.
Industry Leaders, are you interested in accelerating your innovation and revenue growth by partnering with Startups addressing significant needs in your key markets? If so, contact us, below, so we can begin talking about creating a Private Innovation Network for you.
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